Staying Social in a Remote-first company!

Clipboard Health has always been a remote-first company that gives its employees opportunities to prevent “lost hours” (the time you spent getting up early in the morning to prepare yourself to go to work, driving long distances to and from the office in crazy traffic, etc), spend more time with family and friends, and a work-life balance.

All of these things might sound great (and they are!), but It’s fair to ask how we stay social and help people to build connections with their teammates, and most of our applicants do ask just that question as they go through our hiring process. Building connections and friendships are easy when you’re in a physical office, but building relationships in a remote environment is a different story.

We’ve been remote since our founding and every tool we use and habit we build reflects a dedication to not only making remote work, but making it great in a way that accommodates familiarity, friendships, and rewarding interaction in the workplace. Here are the things we do to achieve that.

Leadership Offsite

<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> A recent offsite meeting was held in Walnut Creek with all the leaders of Clipboard Health. This biannual leadership offsite is for managers to not only get to know each other but discuss topics like how to hire top talent and how to develop and coach top performers in their team. Managers share their team’s writing rituals, frameworks for grading their team’s work, and ways they “touch reality for themselves”. The goal of these offsites is to walk away with new learnings and ideas from other leaders on how to continuously raise the bar for your own team.





Product Offsite


<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> Another offsite we hold on a quarterly basis is our product and strategy offsite aimed at brainstorming on how we can bring additional value to our customers and continue solving their needs. During these offsites, we visit healthcare facilities and chat with facility admins and coordinators to understand their biggest pain points. We then immediately jump into action by writing an investment memo on how to solve that problem. We not only brainstorm on how to solve customer problems but have fun as a team together during this time. We go surfing, paddle boarding, and have dance parties (almost) every evening.






<aside> <img src="" alt="" width="40px" /> As we meet in one place to collaborate and challenge each other’s thinking further, we also reward ourselves by making sure that we have the time to bond and have some fun!





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